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HTML Guardian is a great tool for websites protection
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I have to admit, some situations sounds a little bit weird, but believe me, they happen, like the following one.
You developed a beautiful, state-of-the-art designed web application, website, javascript class, visual basic project, or whatever, using the corresponding open source languages: PHP, ASP, VB, JavaScript.
Later, you found it so useful, that you want to share your work with everyone, but without giving all your precious source, you need to redistribute them in such a way that you can 'hide' it.
How to solve this situation? Using a 'code obfuscator', like this one.
With HTML Guardian, you can encrypt files and test them in your favorite browser. It encrypts your source code, images, Java applets, and much more.
I have to admit, I was a little lost at the first run by the huge number of available options. The program gives you the option to optimize and do a cleanup before the encryption.
The user interface is something mixed between shaded buttons and toolbars, and old-fashioned icons.

Review summary


  • You can still develop in open source, even for closed-source projects


  • In the reviewed edition (personal, freeware) the program adds a green box on top of the output files, with some advertizing from the author
  • Also, it takes some time to "get the idea"
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